Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simple Christmas Swag

Hi Everyone!  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are winding down form Thanksgiving and really trying to wrap up the Christmas decorating!  It has been hard this year because we have been so busy at the shop. So stay tuned for more and more Christmas to come!  Today we wanted to share a simple Christmas Swag.  It is really easy to make and you only need a few items.  First thing you will need is a couple different pine pics.  You can use any kind of pine or you can use different ones and mix.  Same with the berries.  We used a mixed long needle pine pic.

First thing you want to do is cut the ends down a little and zip tie or use wire to secure the two pics for the bottom together.  You want to make the bottom a little fuller than the top, this is why we used two pine pic at the bottom.

Next we attached the top pic with the bottom ones using a zip tie.  You can use the darker zip ties such as the black or green I was out of those so this color worked fine!

Next the berries!  You can pick from any berries you have.  The longer berry stems with work well with this because you can zip tie them into the middle like the other pine.  If you have a berry pic that is shorter you can always hot glue gun it to make it work.  You can also use anything here, such as holly.  Be creative!

Last we added the bow.  We used a burlap bow.  You can use any bow that you have!  This is a simple swag that will dress up any door in your home for the holidays!



We hope you enjoy and as always thanks for stopping by!!!

~ Audra & Denise



  1. Very nice! Now make me one! Hop to it! :) Love Ange

  2. haha We will get right on it Ange!!! :)

  3. Shenita, thanks so much! Love your Christmas decorating! :)


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