Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Mantel Tutorial

Hello Everyone!  Today we wanted to share a Christmas mantel tutorial. I don't know about all of you, but when you start decorating for Christmas do you create a mess in the house?!  We do!  I try not to but it hasn't worked! ha!  There is pine, berries, mesh, GLITTER everywhere!  This is my (Audra) mantel in our family room.   There isn't too much room because the TV is above, but there is enough to add pine pics, berries, or a garland. 
 First I started with two different cedar garlands.   The first one hangs down on the mantel which I love!  The second cedar garland I cut to make three pieces.  I put two of the pieces on either side of the mantel, and the rest of the garland in the center of the mantel. It worked great and added a lot of fullness which is exactly what I wanted.  You could always start with one pine garland as the base and add different pine to get the fullness.  Adding all different types of pine really makes the garland stand out.

Next I put different pine pics throughout to even everything out and add more fullness all over.  You can play around here and place the pic wherever you think they are needed.  I have learned the more you experiment, the more creative you can be!

 After adding all of the pine I added these Holly Pics.  Don't you just love Holly?


 The last thing I did was add the lights. You should probably add the lights before all of the pine pics are added, I forgot so added them last.

This is just a sneak peak, I haven't finished the whole mantel yet or the bookshelves.  We both still have a lot to do but we are really enjoying all the decorating! If you know us at all you probably know this mantel may change before Christmas! :)  Stay tuned!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It looks beautiful already. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks Karen! We are new to blogging so we hope our tips are helpful! :)

  3. Your garland looks beautiful!! I love the fullness of it.

  4. Thanks you Ann! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very pretty! Classic Christmas!


    Happy Holidays!


  6. Thanks Brooke! Happy Holidays to you too! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  7. It takes me forever to decorate for Christmas because I take everything down and change it two or three times.


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