Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Swag

Hi Everyone! Today we wanted to share a very simple DIY Swag.  We did a post on a similar swag last year, but we have new greenery in and we like the way these turned out too! We are also going to show you how to add flowers.  You only need a few items for a swag! 

1. Hanging bushes
2. Zip ties
3. Chenille stem
4. Ribbon of your choice
5. Optional- flowers with stems

First you will need 2 hanging green bushes.  We used Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush, which you can find here or should be able to find these at Michaels.

First you want to cut the tops off of the bushes.

Then take one of the two bushes, and fold two of the smaller pieces to the top.

Next take the next hanging bush and fold 1 of the smaller stem up with the other two.  These will be the top of your swag.

You want to zip tie those stems you folded up to hold into place.

Next you can attach a bow.  We used a burlap bow, a chenille stem to attach it, and the the chenille stem also works as the hook to hang it. (Tip: Pipe cleaners are basically the same thing and can be used in place of the chenille stem, buy them in green!)

Thats it!  I love the way this swag turned out.  My mom and I use them around our houses on the doors and they add warmth to the whole room!

We added flowers to the next swag.

We used 3 small cream flower stems.

Before you add the bow from the steps above you would add the stems to the swag, and simply attach with the zip tie.

To get the swag full you want to leave two of the flowers stems longer and the third cut all the way down and add that one right at the top. 

 Spread the flowers out to fill the swag and add dimension.

Next add the bow same as above. 

You can play with the ribbon and tuck it in the swag like we did, or you can let it flow nicely throughout the swag.  Do whatever you like! That's what is nice about these- you can customize them to your liking!  It is so easy and they really do turn out amazing!

There you have it- 2 simple DIY Swags to dress up anywhere in your house! 
Stay tuned...we are starting some new projects and are excited to share them with you! :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Project

Hi everyone! Audra here! My mom and I were just talking about spring and how it puts us in a great mood to do new things! Does anyone else feel the same way? My husband and I are planning on tackling a new project- the master bedroom. We own an older home and are starting from scratch. Here’s a picture of what it looks like right now! (See my pal Gizmo? He never leaves my side so when the room was empty he couldn’t settle down until I made him his own comfy bed. Anyone else have any furry friends that do that?!

It took me a day to clean and move all the furniture out to a spare room. Next we want to put in some recessed lights.
I have a color scheme loosely playing in my mind. I tend to favor neutral colors because the accessories can easily be changed, the walls, not so much! I plan on painting the walls a warm cream color and accenting with blues. Here are some hues that I just love…
Sand Peal

Linen White

Navajo White

I always find that when putting a room together, it’s easy to start with one or two things that you want to use in the room that you just LOVE! Here are some of my ideas.

Well I have a lot of shopping, priming, and painting to do. Did I mention I prefer the shopping part over priming and painting? Hehe. Stay tuned to watch this room transform! I’m so excited!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

DIY Centerpiece (A tutorial)

Hello friends and followers! Old and new, we are so glad to have you here! If you love to decorate, this blog post is for Y.O.U. We are excited to show you a tutorial on how to create a gorgeous centerpiece using greenery and some fruit! We think these turned out amazing, and it was pretty simple.

You just need a few simple supplies for this beautiful arrangement.

1. A container, basket, dough bowl (this is what we used), box, anything shallow and bowl-like will do!
2. Greenery we used several pieces- we will specify in each step.
3. Some pieces of fruit
4. A Styrofoam block

First place a piece of floral Styrofoam the dough bowl.  You do not need to glue it in, it just helps keep some of the greens in place.

To achieve the look of the greens flowing you will need some hanging bushes.  We used a lemon beauty hanging bush.  You want to spread it out and let it hang over the sides, you do not need to put these bushes into the Styrofoam.

Next we used small fern pics, it helps to use different greens because it breaks up the arrangement and adds dimension.  These go into the Styrofoam.

Next we took a maidenhair fern bush and cut into smaller pieces and placed throughout the entire arrangement. These also go into the Styrofoam.

You can use a pair of snips to cut the greens off. They are made of wire so you may need something other than scissors that can cut.

When you have all of the greens in the arrangement you can start adding your fruit!  We used apples in one dough bowl and lemons on the other!  

This greenery is Ahhhhmazing! We just love how realistic it looks.

Another wonderful thing is this greenery is easy to work with.

The apples arrangement is so versatile and can fit with any decor. It can be used in the kitchen, dining room, or living room like we have here!

The lemon arrangement is so fresh and screams spring! We are just in love with yellow this year. Can you tell?

We decided to make this centerpiece the focal point of this sofa table.

Tell us, do you use centerpieces in your everyday decor? We can't decide if we like the apples or lemons. Which do you prefer? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks as always for visiting our page. We are so excited to share some more things with you so please keep checking back or subscribe. You can also follow along on Facebook too! Have a great day!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring Mantel

Hi friends! We are back with another spring post. We are so excited about a new change of seasons- one of the best things about living in the northeast. It was sunny and warmer on Saturday and that gave us every reason to decorate some more! Come take a closer look at this spring mantel from Audra's house!

We have a pop of yellow on one side of the room but used green for this side and love how it turned out.

Grapevine is so cozy and warm, we love how this little wreath can add a touch of cozy!

Here are some fabulous Luminara candles! Can you believe these are flameless? Have you seen these before? They are definitely a decorator's dream! They look so authentic and cozy.

We wrapped them with some moss garland to add a touch of nature and spring. It takes the candles to a whole new level!

A vase is always the perfect mantel accent piece! Here we added some berry pics that are twine-like and fresh looking. Don't you just love it?

Some more greenery! It really helps add warmth and gives that spring feeling. Plus it looks so authentic!

We like to drape it down and around.

We were able to use a small theme in our mantel to tie it all together, and that is pears!

We find that it's always best to use varying heights in the vignette when decorating a mantel.
It's pleasing to the eye. 

A trick is to stack books under the vase to give it some height.

We love the finishing touches! It really is the little things...

There you have it! Doesn't it look fresh? The candles keep it cozy though as well.

We love to change our mantels for the seasons. It's a great way to liven up a room! For us, it makes such a difference, like painting a wall or re-arranging furniture! Do you agree? We would love to hear what you think.